Sunday, March 27, 2005

"Positives from the negatives."

A bit of a shock to the system to say the least, an eviction notice landed on my mat today!!
The landlord is selling up the flat, and I now have 8 weeks to get moved, with no work?
The hardest part will be telling my boys.
One thing Im dreading.

No way of getting the deposit etc needed in that time as things are.
So also a dent to my online efforts, but is it. ??
An adsense boost would be nice... if only they paid better.
How the heck do I get the needed money in time?
So thinking caps on for me.
If you have any good suggestions please let me know.. :-)
Islandmarketer @ (remove the spaces)

I will be hunting a job locally like a hawk over next few days too.
Will contact a few locals I know to see what is about.
See if I can get some lettercutting, pointing, walls etc jobs. (stone)
If not, any other work.
First priority that is.
Get some details of flats/houses around, prices etc.
Get it known Im looking, (small place here) so word spreads.

Online, I will try to boost my traffic by a BIG margin, as it's sorely needed, so any help there would be very much appreciated.
Wanna swap links etc? Let me know.. Islandmarketer @ (remove gaps)
Any advice would be great too. ;-)

So all hours I can spare doing online stuff...

Get my blogs posted to more, I do like blogging alot, its great, and my marketing blog WAS a PR 4 which was great.. so that im doing.. see here
Done the press release so thats to be posted tuesday to local paper.
If that works it will be a MASSIVE help.
Need to sort out my site too, get it growing, it gets visitors but not enough converting... "sigh"

The affiliate program at the bottom of this blog is one of my HIGHLY recommended starting points for anyone, and it IS the very site the MADE me take action, got me beating my procrastination, and I get suprised at how it gets updated with new stuff, I see new things every time I go there, it charges me up.
A very big help at the moment to me.

I have not promoted them enough to show them justice, that WILL change.
May seem strange, you see the site, then see me in this position, and think hang on??
But the truth is it's what's inside the site that is helping me so much.That was the reason to join for me.
Its only after you join you realise how incredible this whole set up is... using it GETS the results.
The COST is way below the VALUE... and soon the cost become... zilch, you see why too.
Anyway thats one key element I must improve on.

Another key thing is to make sure even all the short term efforts are in keeping with the long term goals, like the blogs, I will keep updating them, and if all goes well, in 8 weeks, I'll have built up alot more than now, and if I get the move needed, its something I keep doing, so the blogs fill both needs.

Write several emails this week, very important.
Get newsletter (local one) started, write as many as I can to put in autoresponders, then let it run, I have a few ideas to throw in there too.
Use far more offline marketing efforts, all free ones I can, and very cheap ones too.
Test and track the lot.
Gee I just had a great idea...> jots it down in idea book.. > ;-)

I need to get a homepage sorted out sooner than later, thing is I'm not good at templates etc, using fp2000. learning but,.. :-/
So a homepage for
Where? Well heres a great Portland site.. Portland
But a similar layout to Monroeareashops ( Mike, hope you don't mind? ;-) Its NICE. )
Something I can use well and edit easy. :-)
Now its getting it done. lol

So a positive outlook on a negative situation??
Or too much to ask?
What do you think?


At March 28, 2005, Blogger Jon said...

Great post Rob.

Now you have a deadline to work back from, you have a perfect opportunity to set some targets to achieve by then.

Like, how much money is enough to cover your costs? Then I'm sure you've got a couple of friends ( hint hint! ) that can help you with finding out HOW to achieve that sum in 8 weeks.

Finally, a place to live would be useful, but stay where you are for the 8 weeks to make the most out of the internet connection you already have.

And check with social services if you're entitled to some help from them.

Good work though, and you're on the right track - why else would destiny decide to test you?

At March 28, 2005, Blogger RHarbury said...

LO Mate,

Great post Rob. Sounds positive mate. You now have a deadline. We'll get our heads together this week OK.
Destiny, as Jon says, has given you a point to work back from,...BRILLIANT..
8 weeks and countin'
Catch you L8r.


ps. Where's link to my Blog then???

At March 28, 2005, Blogger rob :-) said...

Thanks guys.I'll get on to it. :-)


At March 28, 2005, Blogger vortecia said...

I'm just trying to help - but have you told the local council that you might become homeless? If you have kids, they probably would at least find you somewhere temporary?

There's no shame in being a council tenant. I am.

At March 28, 2005, Blogger rob :-) said...


I dont have them living with me, but I see them each weekend.

I will indeed tell the council tomorrow.

I am glad that you posted, and very much appreciate it, never need apologise though. ;-)


Take care,

At March 28, 2005, Blogger Vicki said...

Me again...(Just signed your other blog!)

What link are you talking about? I run a (small) chat forum and I'd happily put a link somewhere on there :)

At March 29, 2005, Blogger rob :-) said...

I think you are taklking of the banner at the bottom of this blog. "the green one"

A fantastic resource.

Thanks for that, you can email me anytime. :-)

Take care,


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