Sunday, April 03, 2005

"Blogging, jobs, and new relationships"

What a week!!
What a mix... It's been a rollercoaster for me and I hope the up's don't stop for a while yet!
As for the down's.. well we deal with them as best we can, though it can be hard and deflating.

The biggest "down" by far was telling my son's, we missed each other for the last two weeks, ( Yes I missed their easter.. :-( ) ... so..we had a nice weekend, but telling them the situation was hard, emotional too.
They are great, and I love them with every inch of my heart, and they know I'll do my best to get it sorted out.

So being with them this weekend was a massive "up"for me.
I feel even more motivated now I have spent time with them.

I have spent alot of time this week looking for the work I need, around my area, but .. :-( (feel's wasted now), it's time I could have done other things with.
Though I "had" to look, that's certainly true, as I could have had some luck.

Rather annoyingly I saw a few places that were up for rent, and suitable, but not having the money to go for them, though by sods law I may be successful in getting the deposit in a few weeks, and not being able to find a place!! Ha ha... well laugh or scream lol..

Elsewhere, I have as you can see spent some time blogging, and getting these blogs "out there" too. Promoting is something that has to be done.
I have had alot of hits to this blog, and I thank you all for that.. its you the readers that insipires me more to post, as I KNOW that people read it. ;-) Several hundred of ya each day :-) wow..

I have helped my mate set up, and get blogging.. you can see it in the links on the right, "Dorset diary" and I have to say, he has picked it up nicely, and quickly too.. A good read.
If anyone here reading this want's a blog set up, I'll ad the links etc for you, just let me know.. you just write it.. ;-)
I'll read it too.. :-)
If anyone wants blogger set up for them, I'll do that over this week.. ;-)

I have started my newsletter, and will put alot of effort and "straight up" thoughts into that, I'll share ideas, tips, and a general opinion of things in my mind. :-)
A newsletter I hope you will like.

Alot of last week's task were as you can imagine thrown into choas, my mind started to focus differently and on different things too.
But that is to be a good thing, as now a week later, I have learnt new things, and seen things that have opened my eye's.
But I also gained new relationships, and I am glad to have done that, realtionships are important and they should be welcomed, it can be very motivating and almost comforting having relationships with people who understand all this "pc malarky" as one mate calls it.

The viral list builder in the post below, is doing great, a few of you have grabbed YOUR FREE list builder.. grab it while it is free.. cos this baby is worth alot more than FREE I tell ya.
I think it is a real winner, use it right and you got a great thing there... just rinse and repeat too.

The adsense has picked up.. but not as much as I need.. ;-) ppsssst!! >
Lol.. :-)
The ads have improved thanks to google, it seems alot of blogs have had this sorted out, you know.. the non relevant ads like "blogs" all the time, rather than tagetted to what you write etc.

I would be happy to advertise YOUR product or service if need be... I mean every little helps.
You just gotta ask...

I have to follow up with the press release, not sure yet how it went, so, that's a must for tomorrow.. I have to take another visit to the housing dept too.. fingers crossed.
I will get alot done this week, as I feel I can get alot done this week..

What else....

Keep up with the blogs, get more done on my site, get the first issue of the newsletter going this week... set up a fantastic new idea I have considered, it fits in well with the rest of what I am doing, AND it will speed it all up alot... You readers will know of it as soon as it's ready, you'll like it too.

I have to email M, as I also need to know how to use the template on the forum.. I want to really make the most of that forum, they are a great way to really build relationships, as they provide others with a great place to mix.
And it's the ONLY local forum, so a key point in my offline ads. ;-)

Get more links out there, and promote when and where I can.. any link swaps are very welcome.. ;-)
I will post more than once here this week for sure, keeping you updated, and keeping myself motivated, with the things that are done.

For now I would like to ask you all for some help keeping this momentum going...
And I would welcome any comments...

Or if you want help with anything, blogs, links, promoting YOUR product etc.. let me know...

Take care,



At April 04, 2005, Blogger Me said...

Hi Rob, I saw you mentioned press releases in your post so I thought I'd point you to one I did last night. Sent it out to a few prominent bloggers and the story ended up in the blog herald. I submitted it to as well and it gets distributed tomorrow.

Have a look, the press release is at

It's a great way to get recognition and traffic.


Paul Short

At April 04, 2005, Blogger rob :-) said...


Awesome stuff.. thanks for that mate.

Take care,


At April 05, 2005, Blogger Kim said...

Nice one Rob.

You're going like the wind lol
Good luck

At April 05, 2005, Blogger rob :-) said...

Thanks Kymi.

Im trying.. ;-)

Take care,


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