Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Portland bill"

I posted to my marketing blog, but with the reason for doing it... ;)

Here I just want to update you all.. :)

Last night was a busy one!! Got fired up again, and have put more of the plans into action, am I doing tooooooo much? :/
Not sure, but.. It ties in with the overall plans so it would have been done anyway, and for me the sooner the better. :)
Thank you to Jon (of friday progress fame! ) for giving me a superb twist and idea to what I was doing, it has made the whole idea seem to have MORE potential than I first thought.

I knew it was going to be a good thing to start, but Jon has given me a whole new angle that I hadn't even considered, it may well just be what I needed. Thanks bud... :)
I'll email you about what you mentioned. :) <

Unique!! < Click that!!

This is awesome... what that blog. no.. well yeah, but I meant what Mike has done, blew me away... though I won't say here what it is ...yet. :)
I have now a massive different scope on the potential of it all.
I have now far more to offer the locals when this baby gets going!!
Next will be to really get the word out there.
I will go for it over the next few days.

I'll keep you posted, but more than that I'll show you all once I get to that stage. :)

Take care, and thanks.


P.s Opinions on the blog would be VERY welcome. :)


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