Monday, April 25, 2005

"Worst week yet"

Sat in the library writing this.. long story.. not a good week at all.
Didn't have my sons this weekend, which breaks my bloody heart... I don't like to not have them.

Jon.. just read mail, sorry I couldn't read it before now.. I'll gladly help you if it's not to late.. I'll email you later too.
Paul.. I read yours too, I'll send as soon as I can.

Kim, hope you had a fantastic holiday.. :o)

A bad week for me, so frustrating and lacking in productiveness, in other words, NOT DONE.. alot.
I have missed a day on the portland blog too..aarrrgh.. I'll make it up with a couple of post as soon as I can.
I used a mates pc to post to it the other day... so I'll get that posted to asap.
The traffic has been great on the Portland blog... my stats have suprised me.. getting over 120 visitors a day, and the returning visitor rate is increasing by the day too. :o)
THAT cheered me up some.. I mean its only two weeks old!!

I will post again here later, if I can, this week I just simply want to get back on track.

An adsense boost would be good too.. :o)


At April 25, 2005, Blogger Jon said...

Cheers Rob,

The one I emailed you about is done, but I have 45 more that need a similar 20-30 done, so whenever you're ready, just let me know the rates.

1. You have been proactive and is using the library to get to do the posts. Would you have done that without this blog? I wouldn't. Name that PROGRESS Mate! Never mind WHY, it just IS :o)

2. You've committed to post to your portland website. Name that PROGRESS!

3. You are getting more and more visitors to your 2 week old blog! Excellent PROGRESS!!

Want suggestions for what to do this week?
Well, if you have access to online, ask people on the blog to get in touch with you if they want to buy prints of the photos and you can arrange it.

If you can not get online, what else can you do to progress off line? You know what I am getting at. :)

Talk to you soon,


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