Sunday, May 15, 2005

"The last week"

I missed last weeks entry due to being so busy, yet as Jon rightly says I MUST commit to it, for myself and my growth.

Only had one of my sons this weekend, breaks my heart but the eldest seems to be of the age where he wants to go out with his mates.. understandable, it is part of growing up, hard to see them get so independant, yet I am proud of him.
But it also means I see him less.. but lets be positive..

It means the best solution would be to move nearer to them, so I would see them during weeknights too, two nights a week will make up for the weekend.. and we can still do something the weekend if we want to.. so it would mean seeing them more. :o) Great!!

So IF all goes well and I CAN get somewhere, I feel more ready to move off Portland, and nearer to them.
I would still spend time on Portland, as my family are here, I see my brothers (both younger) every week, I love to see my nieces and nephew. :o)

Always a positive out of the negative.

I am also worried about my dog.. Kaya, (pronounced ki-ya) being 13, she deserves better than to be settee hopping with me, if it comes to that.
I'll have to find a solution asap.

If you have read this blog from the start you will know I now have one week left before the eviction!
Time of big change, short term it will be hard, long term I hope it will be the spring board for me to go onto bigger better things.
The MOST important aspect of it all is the relationship between my and the boys, this has to be the number one priority.

Well I have to say I learnt ALOT this last ten days or so..Far more than I expected to learn.
I also progressed alot too.
So... What did I get up to last week? :o)

I created my FIRST product! Woo woo.. and by the feedback I have had, it seems to be that it is a good one, the few people who have seen it have said it is fantastic.
I showed my youngest son it yesterday, and he said "That's exellent dad I like it".. he actually phoned his brother and told him all about it. .. well I WAS FILLED WITH PRIDE at that.
My heart swelled.

I just felt a little sad my eldest won't get to see it.. I mean he missed it now, I have to move next weekend.. so the pc will be cut off..
Untill I am rehoused he won't get to see it either. :o(

Where was I?

Well I have to say a MASSIVE thanks to the few people that have been working flat out to help me, and I am so grateful to them, it means more to me than they realise... THANKS. :o)
But not only thanks for that, thanks for teaching me so much too. :o)
I would have to say from what I have seen these guys and gals are going places AND they will get there.

I want to take this moment to say I am sorry to those that have helped me, as they have stopped what they are doing to help me, and for that I apologise, yet am so grateful.

So, one product ready to roll.. weds will be the day it gets out as long as we get it all finished, so close, yet it has to be right to work well.
If all goes well this will go along way to rehousing me, and helping me to stay close to my boys.

But hey it won't be charity, the buyers will get an awesome product, with good bonuses, and if so wanted a chance to make money too. :o)

Every "guru" says you must have your own product, yet they don't say how much "work" goes into it, it's ok for the guru, they have the money to outsource and do just that.
They have teams.
If you have to do most of it yourself, it is alot more than you think, so I now see why being an affiliate can be so fruitful for your cashflow, simply promoting other peoples products has far less headaches than creating your own.

So... you can be an affiliate for my product if you so wish. :o)
It won't matter what your market is.
If you want to know more, please go take a look at THIS and you will get to know about as soon as it goes live.
Not only will you have a good product and a chance to earn some money you will be going a long way to helping me, and I AM grateful.

I also am nearer to getting offline work, which is always going to be a great needed boost to the situation. I lost count of how many jobs I have gone for.

This week!

A VERY busy week ahead. Online and offline.

I have to see someone tommorrow about storage, should I need it.
I have to sort out what I can do for my dog.
I have to start moving stuff to where I can.
I have to pack everything I have yet packed.
I have to dump what I won't use again, or need.
I have to sell what I can sell..
Contact BT and my isp to sort that out.
I have alot to do!!


Get everything finished for the product release.
Finish contacting potential JV's to promote, a few already agreed, and I have to say THANKS. :o)
Organise all my sites, favourites etc, get as many of them accessible from anywhere, so I can then do more in the library if need be, as well as keep my portland blog fresh.. see the visitor count on that thing?! A niche I have there.
I have to let all my contacts know what is going on, so they know.
I have to get this product out there.

I am feeling very excited yet scared too.. a strange mix of feelings.
I feel passionate about the product and that it will be appreciated well.

I am hopeful that with the amazing help I have had we can pull it off, and go onto better things too. :o)
I hope to post here next week, with some great news and some big thanks to say.

Now I going to get back to working on all thats needed working on. :o)
Hopefully many of you come on the ride.

Take care.

Rob. :o)


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