Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"A positive panic attack"

In the last three weeks I have applied for 19 jobs locally, and yet to hear ONE reply, I mean they advertised in the paper yet don't even bother to reply!!
I honestly cannot believe they could not even bother to say, "thanks but sorry no go"...
Companies get worse by the year, customer service etc is certainly getting worst.

A very strange few days.

Had a great weekend with my boys, and we had a good talk, plenty of laughs, and hugs, a most uplifting weekend all round, I honestly couldn't wish for better kids (I wouldn't either), they are fantastic.

But then...
I heard the worse news I could, yet it "kicked my arse" like a horse would!!

I could lose access to the boys if I do end up homeless, that is like a dagger to my heart, I don't know how I would react to that.
I can see where their mum is coming from, I mean its not good for the boys to have a dad on the street, but it's also not good for them to NOT have their dad see them.
I don't think we would stop seeing each other, but neverthelass... it scares the crap out a' me.

Being homeless worries me, as it should, but losing access to the boys is far worse, and something that could be damaging and irriversable damage at that.
That alone scares the crap out a' me, and it caused me to have a bit of a panic attack, the shakes, the lot... not nice.

Hhhm, well it certainly hurt to hear it, but my god did it kick my arse.... yes it did, and everything is in overdrive at the moment, hence me not sleeping well, since my brain won't clock off, hence me being to busy to post here on sunday!

So what the heck am I gonna do?

Well I actually just sat and wrote a book and I am hoping this will at least go someway to helping my situation, if it is possible to make enough to move and keep access to the kids that would be awesome!

So, thats what I have been busy on, as well as looking for work offline, and a place to live that I could get, alas no luck as of yet!

So what's the book then? Well I wish someone else had done it when I started, so obviously there are plenty of people who it be of worth too..
As you know I been blogging a while, though I wouldn't say I was an expert, I know enough to help others.

The book itself is a "step by step" guide on getting your blog started, getting it looking like a professional blog, getting it to a profitable stage!.
It has screen captures of the templates, and where you put your links, adsense, banners, how to upload images, etc.
Everything you need to know to "get going today" you could have a blog up, and looking great with your own links, etc within no time, certainly two hours or less!!

The whole process would cost you... ZILCH, nothing, the only outlay would be getting my book, and following the steps outlined. :o)

Is it worth buying? Well if it was there when I first started blogging, I wouldn't have had half the learning curve I have, so yes it is... I had so many hassles when I was learning, and this mean you could avoid those hassles.
As I say if I had it back then, I would have probably avoided the situation I am in NOW.

Is it a "pretty book"?? Well considering it's my first NO, but then its a step by step guide, like a "car diy" manual, it ain't meant to be a preety one.. :-) Just deliver the job of helping you, and it does that.
I actually went and set up a new blog using the steps, and it worked, so.. I know it can benefit anyone wanting to get blogging.

But I will try to get this book "improved" I don't have long, but then I have more chance of selling it if it looks better.
I also want the buyers to make money from it, and thats in progress... :-)

I'll be back in a while, so keep an eye out.. :-)

Take care,



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