Sunday, February 20, 2005

"A new begining, a new goal, and a new role for you!"

As the first post of this new blog, ( my third! far) I will probably say quite a bit..

But I hope to look back on this "inspired by jon" blog's first post and
look at where I was and look at where I am!
Thanks Jon. :-)

So whats all THIS about then?

First...A lesson I learned.. :-)

When I was younger, a very nice man called Mr Connor..
(I never did know his first name in all 14 years I knew him) used to come and see me at school, he was my personal tutor.. me being deaf..and in mainstream school, he was the person who came to check my progress weekly, for an hour / hour and half..
Check my hearing aid.. give me new batteries etc.. but more than that he became a very good friend, and a man I greatly respected.

He was a great influence to me. :-)

He used to help me in all ways, like reading, and speaking "normal" were part of the work we did, I love reading, and writing, so he did set me task for the week, read a book, etc, normaly a book aimed at older kids, like when i was 6 I was reading books for 10 year olds.
He asked me important questions, that I needed to know about etc.
He asked me how I got on "outside" school.
I could confide in him if I wanted to.

I can now relate some of these meetings to being a form of accountability meetings.
I KNEW I had to do what was required, but I also knew they were for MY benefit,very important to my growth and developement as a person, also allowing me to have the self belief, and confidence to be a "deaf" person living in a "hearing" world but living as a "hearing"person... and being good at it. ;-)

I could never imagine what I would have been like in communication without
the "accountability" and "guidance" of Mr Connor.
My family I am also indebted to too.

Since leaving school, and bidding farewell to Mr Connor (he retired) I have NEVER been so accountable to anyone since, not in that manner anyhow.
Gradually those good positive habits faded. :-(
Being a father I am accountable to my sons.

But in life you only really seem accountable to yourself.
As people know its far to easy to put things off etc...

This is something I relate to all to easy.... id bet most of us are like this. ;-)

Jon, the "friday progress" man.. ;-).. did a great thing, and also inspired me to
do this..
A year ago he started his blog, and had a section, "fridays progress" every friday, telling of whats been achieved over the week, and what he has learnt from it etc and setting goals for the following week... well..

It WAS and IS inspiring just how much he got done, and gets done over the week.. and over the year that all mounts up to ALOT of ACTION..
Alot of goals reached, and also a "good" habit formed.

He also has accountabilty calls, and this I cant do, so I thought why not do my own accountabilty blog.. :-)
Jon himself said.. "get on with it then"
So here tis.. :-)

I know I can lack focus, forget things, put off things, and get sidetracked, so
I hope that with the help of this blog, I can keep focused, and get things done..

But I also ask for YOUR help.. :-)

No less than ten mins after starting this blog.. someone kindly posted a comment.. see below post.. (so this isn't the first post).. well I had to post something while checking the template, so I could make sure it worked ok, and..bang a comment.. wow.. thanks.. ;-)

Im not so much a newbie as posted, but I am not THAT far in front. ;-)
But thanks for posting, and also giving me a boost.. but also another idea...

I liked that boost.. and id like more of the same.. it means there ARE people reading this. :-)
Thats good.. as the more that read, the more im accountable to..
The comments are inspiring themselves.. :-)

And the blog would be defeating the purpose of itself if no-one read it!!
No good being only accountable to myself.. thats my current problem. ;-)

So, I ask for YOUR help, and that is, please keep that buzz in me, by posting your nice words, honest thoughts or any tips, help, motivation and inspiration that will help me succeed in "getting things done" and keeping me on the right path. :-)

More than that, let me be accountable to reader. :-)

So whats the plan, and this weeks servings?

As this is the first week, I delibrately picked Sunday to do this, as I have my sons all weekend, and they go home sunday teatime, but as I spend my time with my sons, I am also "detached" from this online journey, so I can come online on sunday evening with a fresh and clear idea of whats gotta be done and whats needed, so I can put things into perspective, and prioitize. :-)

For this week, I will only set one task, but a big one, and that is, as a fresh start, I will "get things organised"... thats everything I need to organize.

This will be a big task, sorting things online ond offline. But this will also set me up in good stead for the future weeks, months and will mean I can use my time better and get things done easier, faster.

Organising things will be a great start, and will become the first "good" habit..
I will keep things organised, as it makes things so much smoother.

So thats the aim this week.

I may post over the week, as things get done, if I can post about it, I will get more of that "another thing done" buzz. :-)

I hope that you will follow the developement and maybe post a comment :-)

Thanks to all for reading.

Take care..

Same time same place next week.