Sunday, April 17, 2005

"Sowing the seeds"

The last few weeks has been hectic, yet I haven't been best pleased with the progress, could have done better, in some areas, BUT progress IS progress.
So thats the main thing this week.... step up two gears. ;)

I have had a good week in some ways, tellingly, the new blog has had some great response, and also I have had alot of people saying they love it too... So that I AM pleased about.

I have got alot done on the blogs front, sorting out various things, generating traffic, etc.
So its all go for the blogs, just gonna keep updating, pinging, and promoting. :0)

Getting the pictures done for one of my sites this week.
Get the site planned properly.
Get that homepage for my site/forum organised.
I also have some articles to write this week, as many as I can get done.
Offline, I have to get work asap, so that's important.

Thing are looking up in some ways, and things looking no different in some ways...
So, lets crack on....
Get things going this week, so Im off to get on with it. ;)

I have sown the seeds to getting the ball rolling.

Take care all.