Monday, March 20, 2006


Hello all.. Wow.. well I have had a nightmare getting rid of the dam spam comments on here... if any of the comment posters say it WASN'T spam.. all I can say is if so, then why post the same comments over and over.. ?

Well I am back and ready to get back into the groooove... and I am excited about that.

So what am I up to now?
Well I am as of today starting an IT course which no doubt will help me alot with what I would like to do.
The lack of stone work has put me off using effort trying to look for what is clearly NOT out there.

As I am not online at home yet, I will have to admit I cant possibly post on sundays..!

I will have to get the blogs tidied up, sorted out and updated.
In a way it is exciting because it feels if I am starting over again, but with some know how to make it better this time round.. though I AM suprised how much I have slipped, I have indeed forgotten lots too.. but it has fired me up again to get going.

I owe a massive amount of thanks to a fair few people and I so want to show that thanks.

I will be posting more regular and getting back on track.
Without the sheer stress that has engulfed me over the last year or so, I feel I can enjoy it more.

Looking forward to it all now. :o)

Take care all.