Sunday, March 06, 2005

"Different directions and lacking priority"

What a week!
And a dam bad migraine in the middle of it too. :-(
Stress, aint it just great... NOT.

But it weren't all bad. ;-)
Today is...
Happy mothers day mum.. ;-) ..And a happy 2nd birthday to my beautiful little niece Teigan :-)
Had a great weekend with my sons, proper quality time.

What else this week then? Well as you see some dam stress, sorted out now.
The home is still better and less cluttered... be handy for when I move. :-)

I have got my pc more organised now and as a result it seems to have speeded up some of the time I do things, knowing where to look helps. ;-)
The viral idea I had brewing last week made me to think too and as you know when you start to think about something, other ideas start to spring up and I am SO glad they did.

Most importantly I WROTE these ideas down.. :-)
I then spoke with someone who I know and respect and the result was a very positive and encouraging situation.. Thanks for that ;-) You know who you are. ;-)

So that lead to an exciting and productive and promising plan of action to act on which was a revamp of the idea I had but with a far better plan thrown in with a far better potential to succeed.
Woo wooo.... exciting, and you're sure to hear from me how it goes. ;-)
I am reluctant to say it all here..yet.. but I will say this, I will post the link here FIRST so you readers will be the first to see the idea. :-)
Bear with me though.. ;-)

What else.. well there are a few things pulling me in different directions some times, not that I dont want to do all the things, more of a case that I allocate time for each with ONLY that "thing to do" in that time, and do this for all I have to do.
"Its not the hours we put into it.. its the work we put into the hours" never rang so true.

I do what is needed when I do it but the "other" things linger in the mind and THATS what I have to block out, when I write this, I have to think of "nothing but this".
This I think will make a big difference from now on so I will "prioritize" time to each job, task.
This I hope will mean I get more done in each time sector, and the result will I hope be better for having the "focus" only on the task in hand.

So the main task this week is to get things going in this manner, prioritize the time I have, and go "flat" out in those times on the job in hand.
One thing I have to do is post to my blogs more often and stick to it like I used to.
The blogs are a great outlet in some ways, if you write it down, its out of mind.

I know I have let the marketing blog slip a bit but thats because I do have other things that I have to do. Not only that but a few of the other things I need to do are mainly a case of set it up, and let it run, so I only need to do that hard work..once. :-)

As I am doing a favour to someone too, and this is important, this will be the main focus on the begining of the week, this will allow me to also give this the full attention to get it done.
After that I can also do what I have to do for my progress, while still having time to do things as needed for my friend.

This week I really want to "step up a gear" and get cracking, as the quicker I do the work and the more I do the closer I am to my goals.
An egg timer is something I will get too. ;-)

This weeks servings served. ;-)