Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"Weds update"

Just signing in to share the latest.. :-)
Well well well what have I been up to then?

I am posting to my marketing blog more... here..
I have posted a pic / logo to the other blog.. here...

I have sorted and am still doing the work for my friends, and I like it. :-)
Part of the great learning curve, not only that they give me great ideas too. ;-) Thanks. ;-)
As you see on the marketing blog, I have been reading a great book, I am over half way through it. A recommended read.

The forum is going to be promoted offline soon, as well the blog (2nd link) .
A bit of free publicity will be very welcome. ;-)
So that press release is the big must do.. ;-)
What forum?.. Check 2nd blogs links.. ;-)

Will get cracking on the rest of my list over the next few days.

Is this a bit of progress?........ :-)

Take care,


Sunday, March 20, 2005

"Progress at last"

With that last week hassles behind me, I have found a new boost in motivation and desire to "step up a gear" and really get busy.

With the second half of the week I actually got cracking, and have now set up.. a viral blog which I hope will be used. :-)

Feel free to be one of the first to utilise it. ;-) Take a look.. and please post if you will. :-)

You will also notice another spot of "progress" if you look at that link and observe...

The marketer in you will obviously tell you what a good viral idea it could be.. and how its an opportunity I have jumped on. :-)

So two new things going... :-) As I say "progress"..

I wish to also congratulate Jon, the owner of the "original" accountablity blog... its a year old.. :-)
Well done Jon... massive progress made for you. :-)

Had a great weekend with sons, went bowling. :-) Guess who won. ;-)

So this week...
A busy week planned in a few areas.

Email "P" to see what I can do for him.

Press release to local papers for that site above. :-)
Get more into my other site.. what you did'nt spot it?
Get autoresponders sorted, which I was suppose to do the other week. "sigh"
Get the newsletter I plan sorted out.. I will only do a weekly, or fortnightly one to start and it will be a "local based one" too. :-) (I can see alot of potential with that.)
Post to blogs more.
Write several "real" letters to mail in the next few days too.
I think that lot will keep me busy but I will try hard to get it all done as soon as possible so I can do more too.

I will try to start posting as I go along over the week too, something good about writing down what has been done. :-)
It is itself motivating.

Tell next time..

Take care,