Friday, June 10, 2005

"Students everywhere"

Hogging up the library.. there is two sat behind me waiting.. hope they can read this lol.....

Gee have I missed this and alot of other areas online... saddest news to hear was the tragic death of Corey Rudl.
R.I.P Corey.. my heart goes out to your family.
An online pioneer not forgotten.

Well I have had alot of waiting to get on here, it seems there are students from several places here, spain, germany, france... and they all sit in the dam library all day!

So how are you all?

Hope all is well... hope that Martin Avis, Lynn terry, Alice Seba had great birthdays! ;o)
Lynn, Alice.. you are catching up.. ;o)

Happy birthday to my little brother too.. on the 15th. :o)

Well whats happening here then, I have had alot of hassle trying to get a place.. it seems to be that most places are let out for the summer, so it is a bad time of the year to be looking, but hey I am not giving up. ;o)
I will get somewhere..

Hows everything online for everyone else?

I wish I could have got online sonner, and more than once, it sadly scrwed by blogging up.. but the home is a top prioity so i cant spend three hours here waiting for dam students to finnish.. but nevertheless it seems there are less students about now, so hopefully it is calming down.
I hope that means I get more chance to use this. ;o)

I have lots to do today, i have loads of emails to go through later.. so i will be back.

Till then take care, and great to be able to say hi.