Sunday, February 27, 2005

"Less is more"

A mixed week for me for my "first accountabilty week".. in a good and bad sense.
As I said last week, I would be "getting things organised" and am I glad I did that?

You bet, the first thing I needed to do was get the home in some sort of order, and having a good clear out certainly helped, to be honest I found a few things that I had been looking everywhere for..everywhere but where they were that is!!

But I gotta say, it made me feel "lighter in the mind" if that makes sense, I just felt better for it, and I know its far easier to "keep it that way" than to "keep having to sort things"
Plus the fact I have rid the place of things I just simply do not use, or that I knew I wouldnt use.

Decluttering has been great, and "less is more" is great.. in that sense. ;-)

I have the house sorted, and now the challenge is to "keep it this way" even though it should be easier to do than to keep having to sort it out.

I knew id miss the ex sometime.... ouch!! :-0 Jesting.. ;-)

DONE.. thanks MS.. :-)

I have drawn up a sizable plan of action, I already had done this, but felt it would be good to get "everything" organised.
So that was a fair bit of writing, and brainstorming, I think I will try to do a mindmap, based on that, if anyone has any good suggestions on these, love to hear it.. ;-)

I think it will be far better to "adjust and add to" than writing and re-writing it.
Anyway, I got plan of action sorted, and while doing that alot of "extra" ideas sprand to mind, amazing when and how the ideas flow.
That was another few pages of my "idea book" filled. :-)

I also stepped up the attempts to get back in work, and thats the other side of this mixed week.. dam job centre, I am deaf, but I live as a hearing person, but go in the job centre and about "half" the jobs manner.. arrrgh.... thats half ruled out as soon as I get in there.

I find two..yeah two measly jobs to go for.. so I go to member of the staff.. can you helo me with calling this "personnel dept" on the jobslip.. "um there is a phone over there" is the reply.. so I explain.. and she rings... and the other person would "rather" talk to me.. no luck there then..

But the member of staff who rang, saw at first hand the problem, and give me a few forms.

Disability allowance forms.. well, I feel I failed by getting them, in one sense, as its like admitting the fact I cant fit in there..

But another part of me says, ah well, I am deaf, bout time I accepted that I will get these problems, so I will fill it out, see what happens, but the lady who gave me them, said "dont hold hopes up though"...gee thanks..
It could be a year or more before, (if I got it) I could see any action.. :-(

Thats terrible.. but hey.. :-/

So, if you are after any products or been meaning to get something, Id be grateful if you saw it on my blogs etc, and got it through my links.. ;-) hey cheeky but it would make a difference
to me.

Pressing on...

I have started TWO more blogs!! I know I do like blogging, but I have these as part of the "big picture", and I will post about these in the week.

I have one of them purely for a "local viral and publicity idea" which I hope to use cleverly to help the "other ideas" I have, it could help get the ball rolling so to speak. ;-)

Il test it too.. and let ya know... :-)

This week..

Having started to organise things better, this week the first thing will be to "sort my pc" thats the bookmarks, emails, folders, ebooks, etc, everything, I want to get it so its easy and very clear and obvious, I have urls, I think whats that, so I "look" but you know if I just renamed the bookmark titles, sorted them better, I would free up far more time by KNOWING what they are... ten mins wasted a day, is a fair bit of time over a year!!

I will also commit to posting to my blogs far more often, and get my main site ready to really promote it offline.
So I need to get the pages done... a fair bit of work to do there.
I hope that the viral blog idea will help. ;-)

Another thing to do this week, is to get all my autoresponders up and running ready.
Articles are another thing I feel I should do alot more of, so thats one area I will also get cracking on this week.

I think that will keep me quite busy this week. :-)

As for the mindmap, if anyone has any good free suggestions I would love to hear of them, and welcome a comment.

I will start to post to here as I get things done.. :-)

Take care all.