Sunday, May 22, 2005

"I Really thank YOU!"

Each and every one of you... :o) SO much..

Wow.. well its sunday night, surrounded by boxes, and chaos!!
The dog is giving me funny looks, knowing something is happening.

I want to thank my boys for being my boys, for choosing me as their dad. :o)
I want to say a big thanks to my brothers too.. putting up with me, and even feeding me when I didn't eat, knowing I'd even got dog food..well whe can't go without.

This week... wow.. :0)

As the sale has not yet ended I can't say all the details yet, but we will be working on the report as soon as the results are in.
I can say..

Thank you for helping me REACH that GOAL!! yipppeee!

Well you all know what that means, I get to have the means to move and keep access to the boys... YIPPPEEEE!!
You don't know how much of a relief that is... It is the best thing that could have happened.
And it did. :o) Thanks to all of you.

I have to say a MASSIVE thanks to Paul Cowen, it couldn't have happened without him.
Get on his newsletter list and you soon see what kind of a guy he is.. a great one.
I couldn't thank Paul enough...

I have to also say a MASSIVE thank you to Harvey Segal for being the FIRST to promote it and WITHOUT an affiliate link!.
If you don't already I suggesst you read his great stuff... learn to create really VIRAL products.

I also have to say a MASSIVE thanks to Martin Avis, who simply blew me away with his page, and added offer also with NO affiliate commissions. wow.. Thank you Martin. For me the best newsletter, I read it as soon as it hits my inbox! Got a great connection with readers... almost as close as the "current" Mrs Avis. !! ;o) Ouch.. Go sign up. This newletter got tears down my face on weds!!
Cheers mate!

A MASSIVE thanks to Peter Twist for also promoting, and not only that, promoting Martins page!! Yep you read that right.. Peter didn't get his affiliate commissions either! Thank you..
Go take a peek at his "Internet Marketing Lounge" :o) Get a cuppa and biccy!

To be honest alot of people promoted Martins link.. thank you.

A MASSIVE thanks also goes to the following cos this post will go far to long... lol...... and in no set order ... Micheal Nicholas, Andy Henry, Mike Ambrosio, Kymi Standerline, Micheal Green, Adrian Ling, Pearson Brown, Alice Seba, Jon Anderson, Alex Rebeiro, Jon Ilsey, Lynn Terry,
Debra Gravelle, John Taylor, Gary Vurnum, ( for his AMAZING gesture.), Michel Fortin,
Kevin Polley, Paul@bloglogic (keep going pal), and many more....

Thank you everyone, you have given me a massive boost.

As for this week..... :o)

Thank my lucky stars.
Get somewhere to live... TOP PRIORITY!
Don't stop till I get one.
Hug boys as soon as I see them..TUES.. :o) I didn't have them this weekend. :o(
Take boys to watch star wars, cos they deserve at LEAST that...and I get a good quiet

Go to library on tues, weds, thurs, and fri.. post to blog. Check mail, and forums. I hour a day while in town house hunting.
Also keep hunting that job.
Go for a swim, to get all the remaining tension out!
Forgive myself for making the wrong choices and let the past go... a fresh start.
Not that I did anything bad, just obviously made the wrong choices somewhere.
Buy Kaya a big bone...beefy one an all, and a new bed when we got somewhere. :o)

And that is this weeks sunday, ( or should I say very early monday morning) servings.

Thank you...... everyone.

Take care,